Streb’s Resaurant, Boynton Beach FL | Merchant Profile

George Michael was previously one of the owners at Snapperís Seafood Restaurant, when George and his new partner David Case decided to move locations and rename the restaurant to Strebís Restaurant. David had twelve years of experience operating Strebís Restaurant in Boynton Beach. Strebís was an upper-middle-class seafood steak and lobster house, and the name has been around South Florida for 40 years. At one point, there were four Strebís Restaurants. David and George resurfaced the named and joined each other to continue on the tradition of a beautiful, modern, California-style restaurant. Strebís Restaurant is backed by the largest and oldest independently owned seafood company in South Florida, Independent Seafood. Strebís Restaurant gets between seven and thirteen deliveries of fresh seafood every week. Whatever is locally caught at the time gets delivered, including clams, live lobster, snapper, grouper, and pompano. All their salmon they use is Scottish, fresh, and never prepackaged. Strebís Restaurant also only uses domestic shrimp and Canadian scallops, always chemical free. Six nights a week at Strebís Restaurant you can enjoy entertainment. On Monday nights, compete in trivia. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, enjoy live music, especially on Fridays with a phenomenal live Beatles band. Saturday nights come out with your friends for late night dancing and a high energy DJ. Strebís has a beautiful outdoor dining area that you can comfortably enjoy all year round. You wonít find better seafood anywhere else – head to Strebís Restaurant today!

1880 North Congress Ave
Boynton Beach, FL 33426