Stroud’s Barbeque, Franklin TN | Merchant Profile

Stroudís Barbeque started in 1994 in Franklin, Tennessee. They have become the areaís most popular barbeque restaurant serving high quality and delicious food. There are currently three Stroudís locations, one in Franklin, Lebanon, and Cookeville and each are still owned and operated by the Stroud family. Everything at Stroudís is made from scratch using secret family recipes. They make all their own barbeque and sauces on-site and offer three great sauces that you can even by a bottle of to bring home. They have a vinegar-based mild sauce, hot cyan-based sauce, and their most popular tomato-based mild sauce.  When it comes to their menu, the Pork Sandwich is many customersí favorite dish. The sandwich is made with bbq pork, slaw, mayo, and pickle. Another favorite that you canít find at many other places is the Barbeque Nachos. The Nachos are made with corn tortilla chips, barbeque baked beans, your choice of pulled pork or chicken, white queso, and jalapenos. Itís a very flavorful dish that has many customers returning for more. Stroudís also offers catering services as well and will deliver anywhere within fifty miles. They have many different packages and prices available that you can find on their website, but the minimum order must be for at least twenty people. In addition to catering, Stroudís also donates their food often to the local community and causes. They have a section on their website where you can request a donation and the restaurant does a great job of giving back to the community and different charities. All in all, Stroudís Barbeque is a must-visit when youíre in Tennessee. They atmosphere is warm and welcoming while the staff is friendly and helpful. Itís the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family or friends or just a quick bite to eat. The next time youíre in town be sure to visit Stroudís Barbeque for a meal and experience you wonít forget!

1010 Fulton Greer Ln
Franklin, TN 37064