Stuart’s Fish & Pig, Stuart FL | Merchant Profile

"Since it takes 12 hours to smoke the meat, we don’t ever want to have anything that’s not completely fresh so we don’t ever use leftover meats."Best friends Joan Marshall and Ken Stuart have 40 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry. Joan and Ken met when they worked together in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ken developed a strong passion for smoked meats after a lifetime of experience smoking food. After many years of being coworkers, the duo decided to move south and bring their unique mixture to the quaint, historic district of downtown Stuart, Florida.Stuartís Fish & Pig specialities include their juicy pulled pork, mouthwatering smoked fish dip as well as their classic black beans and rice. Stuartís Fish & Pigís food is always so fresh, they never have any leftovers. In fact, Ken states that they close their doors when the meat runs out, and a sign on the door specifies exactly that. Having only opened at the end of July 2015, Stuartís Fish & Pig is brand new yet already has developed a loyal customer base that is growing larger every day.

101 SE Ocean Blvd
Stuart, FL 34994