Sunflower Vegetarian Cafe, Nashville TN | Merchant Profile

The Sunflower Vegetarian CafÈ is very first restaurant owned and operated by the Storrs family who aim to serve wholesome, allergy-sensitive food. Everything they produce is vegan unless you choose to add cheese and they also make their very own gluten-free bread in-house. The concept of the restaurant is fast casual where customers order their food through an assembly line where they can customize what ingredients they want. To beat the line, customers may even order and pay online ahead of time then just come in and pick up their food. Sunflower Vegetarian CafÈ is a plant-based restaurant with flavors that are familiar and appeal to everyone. They use local and organic ingredients as much as possible to create their fresh and flavorful dishes. They even have over eighteen sides to choose from ranging from gluten-free Pad Thai noodles and sesame kale to hummus and potato salad. When it comes to entrees, Sunflower CafÈ has a wide variety of choices to pick from like salads and wraps, veggie burgers and sandwiches, and combination bowls. Their veggie burger is very popular and is made from a mixture of root veggies, brown rice, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds for protein. Then customers can choose from over eight different topping styles. The BBQ is another fan favorite that customers rave about and love more than traditional BBQ restaurants. There are always two rotating entrees as well as different daily specials to pick from too. Customers are encouraged to sample and try Sunflower CafÈís food before ordering to ensure theyíre going to get a meal they will enjoy. The menu is also oil-free to accommodate a healthier lifestyle as well. Last but not least, Sunflower CafÈ also offers catering services for special events and parties. The next time youíre in the area be sure to check out Sunflower Vegetarian CafÈ for wholesome, healthy, and delicious food that will satisfy your taste buds!

2834 Azalea Pl
Nashville, TN 37204