Surf City Soft Serve, Huntington Beach CA | Merchant Profile

We know soft serve and sweet treats! Taste the flavors that can bring you back to your childhood and transport you anywhere with a single, mouthwatering spoonful. What good is it to indulge in a frozen treat if it doesn’t change your life? At Surf City Soft Serve, we deliver on our flavor promises because we believe in the power of a cone or bowl of frozen wonder. Our decadent frozen treats are flavored with the finest authentic, vibrant ingredients. Close your eyes you would swear the Cherry Italian Ice is a real maraschino cherry and a spoonful of our Orange Sorbet could be a bite into a juicy, fresh Valencia orange picked ripe from the tree. A lick of Peppermint Chill can suck your breath away like a gust of icy winter air. Surf City Soft Serve treats explode with flavor – you’ll want to try them all!

10061 Adams St
Huntington Beach, CA 92646