Suri Tapas Bar, Lake Worth FL | Merchant Profile

Suri Tapas Bar is not your traditional tapas restaurant. Owned by Matthew Barger and his partner, the restaurant is focused on serving Alternative American Tapas instead of going the traditional Spanish route. They stay true to the sharing style and smaller plates, but put their own unique twist on the dishes. Matthew first got into the restaurant business when he was thirteen years old when he started washing dishes. He then put himself through school and met his partner who decided they wanted to open their own restaurant together. Suri Tapas Bar is located in Lake Worth, Florida and Matthew and his partner opened a second location called Suri West in Wellington, Florida in November of 2015. The first location is quaint and intimate with only 2,500 square feet for the restaurant whereas the second location in Wellington is 25,000 square feet allowing for much larger crowds. The meaning of Suri in Persian is red rose so at both locations you will find red roses incorporated into the art and dÈcor.  Suriís menu changes seasonally three times a year for fall, winter, and then spring and summer paired together. They try to source all their ingredients and produce locally in order to make their food fresh and vibrant. The menu features several different sections, one for individual dishes, a section for plates to share, and then a section that features unique, one-of-a-kind vegetable plates to share. Along with Suriís delicious tapas menu, they also offer an incredible drink menu. The drinks are created to pair perfectly with certain meals and dishes. One of their drink specialties includes a bacon-infused Jack Daniels drink called the Wilbur, which is garnished with a candied piece of bacon on top. If that doesnít have your mouth watering already, they also feature the Hibiscus Ginger where they reconstitute dried hibiscus flowers into an oak barrel with whiskey for five to six days, which infuses the flavors and turns the color to a bright plum color and then add it to their homemade ginger ale. It looks beautiful and tastes even better. On top of their wild cocktails, Suri also offers a progressive wine list of undiscovered and unique wines that you wonít find every day. Donít forget about dessert either because Suri makes delectable desserts that are the perfect end to any meal. Suri has an amazing pastry chef from Trinidad that makes a beautiful heirloom carrot cake with white and purple carrots and a bacon bourbon banana bread pudding that is made with Belgium waffles and a caramel glaze that is to die for.  Aside from the amazing cuisine, Suri Tapas Barís venue is a treat in itself. There is plenty of open air and a beautiful outdoor patio for guests to enjoy. There is even a fire pit great for keeping warm and socializing around. Suri Tapas Bar was even featured on TruTVís show Barmageddon where owners switch restaurants and run each otherís business for a night to see who can bring in more money and hence, is the better owner. Matthew Barger took home the win proving Suri Tapas Bar is on the right path to success. There is also a catering facility located on the second floor of Suri Tapas Bar that is available to reserve for private parties and events. Suri Tapas Bar has it all, from their delicious food and drinks to their beautiful ambiance and venue, they have something to satisfy every craving. Be sure to stop by Suri Tapas Bar and Suri West soon for an incredible experience you wonít forget!

707 Lake Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33460