Sushi Blossom, Scotts Valley CA | Merchant Profile

Get your craving for sushi fixed at Sushi Blossom, located in Scotts Valley, California. Look for this hidden gem behind Maya Mexican Restaurant and get ready for an amazing dining experience. Restaurant owner Chase Park and his wife, Esther Lee Park who runs the front of the house, opened Sushi Blossom on December 15, 2014. Chase aims to create interesting flavors in his sushi by incorporating cooking techniques and flavors from Japan, Korea, and China. Come to Sushi Blossom and experience a new sensation for your taste buds!  There are a few signature dishes that you must try when you come to Sushi Blossom. The Lobster Rocks appetizer is among one of the most popular dishes. Large pieces of lobster meat are tempura fried and then coated in house mayo, sweet sauce, and topped with macadamia nuts and coconut flakes. For a  similar, but spicy version, try the Dynamite Shrimp, which is prepared the same, but Chase adds a house mango habanero sauce. Chase says The Hamachi Heaven is a light, flavorful, and widely popular dish. Hamachi, or yellowtail fish, Jalapeno, and cilantro are thinly sliced and served with a housemade spicy garlic ponzu sauce, making for an unforgettable dish. If you are a fan of tuna, the Ahi Tower is another must-try menu item. If you didnít already guess, the food is presented in the shape of a tower and consists of tuna, crab meat, avocado, rice, and is complemented with the house variety sauce.  Chase makes a conscious effort to locally source foods, drinks, and  ingredients. To go along with your meal, Sushi Blossom has a nice selection of Japanese beer and local wines from nearby vineyards.  Taste what some of the local businesses have to offer, like Marianneís Ice Cream, served up for dessert. Be sure to leave room!Enjoy your sushi for takeout or dine-in and grab a seat at the recently re-done large sushi bar. There is also intimate seating available on Sushi Blossomís outdoor patio. When youíre in Scotts Valley for lunch or dinner, donít settle for fast food or chains. Sushi Blossom is a fantastic choice for sushi and youíll be sure to come back hungry for more!

11 Camp Evers Ln
Scotts Valley, CA 95066