Sushi Kushi 4 U, Lake Zurich IL | Merchant Profile

Jaime Ishihara, Joseph Jung, and Satoru Ishihara own and operate Sushi Kushi 4 U together, each highlighting their individual talents to improve the customer experience. Satoru has over thirty years of experience working as a traditional, authentic Japanese chef, whereas Jaime was trained by notable Asian Fusion chefs. Jamie uses her business mind to run the front of the house. All three of them previously worked together and decided to venture out and open their own restaurant. Surprisingly, their old boss helped them get things up and running and encouraged them to succeed. Sushi Kushi 4 U offers authentic Japanese dishes and Asian Fusion entrees. Their perfect combination of traditional and contemporary entices a diverse pool of customers. Joseph explained that he understands that traditional sushi is so very different than what most Americans are used to eating. He enjoys using his fusion skills to slowly introduce people to sushi and cultivate a love for a new cuisine. Satoru explained that Sushi Kushiís eight different ramen noodle soups are widely popular among their customers. The flavors are enjoyed across all cultures. Sushi Kushi 4 U has a traditional Japanese lunch menu that caters to the many Japanese businesspeople in the area who have to eat out for lunch every day, but donít want traditional American fast food. These classic plates joyfully remind them of their mother’s cooking. Sushi Kushi 4 U uses only the highest quality ingredients, especially in their sushi. Joseph explained that even the base ingredients for a roll – rice, seaweed and fish – have to be the highest quality or the sushi will not taste like it is intended to. Jaime said that since she is the one handling the money, she is often shocked at how much they spend on ingredients, but understands that cutting cost also means cutting quality. Joseph and Satoru refuse to sacrifice quality to save money. Sushi Kushi 4 U offers a relaxing and comfortable environment. If you have any questions at all about the menu at Sushi Kushi 4 U, Chef Joseph is happy to answer them. Just come in to learn why Sushi Kushiís quality is the best, you will be sure to taste the difference.

127 S Rand Rd
Lake Zurich, IL 60047