Sweet Tree Restaurant, Bloomfield Township MI | Merchant Profile

Sweet Tree Restaurant opened in the late spring of 2016 in Bloomfield, Michigan. Sweet Tree is an American restaurant with a Mediterranean flare. The owners are three brothers named Abdul, Andy, and Fred Karkoulki. They learned their cooking skills from their mother and have many family recipes on their menu. One of the most popular dishes at Sweet Tree is the Sweet Tree Chicken or Beef. These dishes are made with cilantro, olive oil, hot pepper, lemon and garlic sauce. Another staple dish is the falafel quesadilla. This dish consists of Syrian bread crumbs with pomegranate sauce, a little lemon, sweet red peppers and onions all creamed together.At Sweet Tree, they pride themselves on loving what they do and putting their best effort into every dish they prepare. They consider themselves a melting pot of flavors because they have such a large variety of dishes that everyone will be able to find something that they enjoy. They provide an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that all have a wide range of flavors.Sweet Tree says that flavor is one its most important trademarks. They pride themselves in their unique variety of flavors and enjoy when their customers try the unique dishes they have. Sweet Tree is the perfect blend and has its customers leaving happy and with full stomachs.

42757 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Township, MI 48304