Swell Taco, Babylon NY | Merchant Profile

Brooke grew up in Southern California with her brother Steve. Brooke moved to New York in 2003, and always worked in the restaurant business. She was working at a restaurant and knew they were not going to renewing their lease. In 2012, Brooke and Steve were simultaneously laid off from their jobs. They were talking on the phone one night about what they were going to do, and Brooke had the idea of opening a Mexican restaurant in New York since she hasnít been able to find good Mexican food since she moved there. Steve jumped at the idea, grabbed his dog, got in his truck and moved across the country. Next thing they knew, their names were on the lease, they were slapping paint on the walls, and they were hoping to God that it would work out, even a little bit. Their prayers were answered – they never dreamed about having the success they have had. ìWe have over an hour wait every single night of the week,î explained Brooke. ìIt caught on right away.îBrooke and Steve wanted to create a place that reminded them of home. Growing up in SoCal, every day is a bright, sunny, happy day. They celebrated life with lots of big family backyard BBQs and cold beers. ìWe wanted something that encapsulated all of that,î Brooke stated. They brainstormed and came up with the name Swell Taco. Swell alludes to the swell of the ocean as well as the positive adjective. Swell Taco is famous for their margaritas. ìWe have the best margaritas known to man. Iím serious – it is a big deal!î explained Brooke. They use a simple recipe that is not loaded with artificial flavors. Swell Tacoís margaritas have developed a cult following. The tacos are also amazing – completely fresh, not one ingredient comes out of a can. People can taste the authenticity and freshness and it always has them coming back for more. The Shrimp Taco, Carne Asada Taco, and Fish Taco are all extremely popular. On Monday and Thursday, they have their special delicious Crispy Chicken Taco. The Crunch and Munch is another favorite, a ground beef taco with cheddar cheese in a crunchy shell wrapped in a flour tortilla. Swell Taco is not one to miss!

135 Deer Park Ave
Babylon, NY 11702