Table 3 Restaurant & Market, Nashville TN | Merchant Profile

Table 3 Restaurant and Market is the brainchild of two old friends. Wendy Burch and Master Sommelier Elise Loehr. Unfortunately, they were forced to build the restaurant twice. Three months after originally opening in 2010, the eatery suffered a fire and was forced to rebuild. Like a phoenix, Table 3 Restaurant and Market rose from ashes to be reborn. Table 3 offers an authentic brasserie dining experience, in a beautiful setting, combining contemporary design elements with an old world atmosphere. Featuring a distinctive, affordable wine list and a menu using only the freshest of high-quality ingredients. Table 3 Restaurant and Market features sandwiches, salads, soups, fresh-made breads, delicious pastries and espresso drinks. All of the bread and other baked goods are housemade under the watchful and creative eye of Pastry Chef Ursula Canfield. The circuitous journey Canfield traveled from growing up on a family farm to Table 3 included stops serving our nation in the Air Force, the New England Culinary Institute, a tiny town in the Adirondacks and Alaska.Wendy explains classic French food, like Coq au Vin, a preparation of Red Wine and Bacon Braised Chicken, actually taking over two days to prepare, can be intimidating and making people comfortable by explaining the food and likening it to comfort inspired Southern food helps.The thought and effort demonstrated when creating the Cheese Board speaks to itís popularity. They take care to include three carefully sourced selections of differing origins. One cheese may be derived from cow’s milk while another is goatís milk. They also take care to choose varying textured cheeses and happily share the unique history of each selection including Valencay cheese. Valency is a soft cheese from central France, distinguished by a truncated pyramidal shape. Legend has it, Napoleon, returning from an unsuccessful Egyptian campaign saw a pyramid of Valencay Cheese and chopped of its top as it evoked bad memories.In a practice rarely seen today, Table 3 Restaurant and Market features a menu where almost every item is scratch made. All sauces and stocks are made in house. All meats residing on the Charcuterie board are smoked and cured in house. Master Sommelier oversees a very creative beverage program featuring a dizzying list of classic Aperitifs and specialty cocktails including Tennessee Boulevardier, with Corsair Ryemaggedon, Campari, and Dolin Sweet Vermouth served up with an orange twist and classic Champagne Cocktails including the Kir Royale, with sparkling wine, creme de cassis, lemon twist, a classic tangy dark wildberry flavor. The huge selection of imports and domestics will make the craft beer lover think they have found nirvana. Like any true brasserie or bistro from Paris to Patagonia, the wine selection is based on regional French wines. And just for fun they slipped in a few imposters, wanna-be Frenchies, wines that have French names but come from other parts of the world. See if you can find them. Table 3 Restaurant and Market can provide on or off site full service catering for parties up to 300. They have separate catering menu as well as a menu featuring boxed lunches and prepared trays. They have two rooms with the ability to host private parties and veranda covered outdoor space. Please visit their extensive website to learn more.

3821 Green Hills Village Drive
Nashville, TN 37215