Taco Bravo, Campbell CA | Merchant Profile

Taco Bravo is an iconic, Campbell area, family business that was started in 1972. Owner, Shawn Woullete, has a motto: ìTreat everybody with love and respect and they will comeback.î They have been coming back to this California classic for 44 years. People who have moved away from Campbell still return and find the familiar red tiled roof and white brick building as a comforting reminder of their past. Shawn reports they have purposely not updated the restaurantís look in homage to a bygone era.Taco Bravo consistently scores high for the best cheap eats in Campbell. Big sellers on the menu include the Taco Delight, Super Nacho, and Super Burrito. The portions are huge and they pack every order with tons of meat and cheese. You really get your money’s worth here. Jokingly, Shawn informs us, this isn’t light food, the bag you receive from the counter is hefty.This family business has made a practice of treating everybody well. Generations of customers keep coming back and many of the restaurant’s staff have over 30 years of tenure. This place is open till 3AM every night and itís not unheard of to have the line stretching out to the street. If you are looking for great, cheap, and plentiful Mexican food stop on by.

1950 S Bascom Ave
Campbell, CA 95009