Taco Suave, Warminster PA | Merchant Profile

Taco Suave was opened ten years ago by Delphina Caballero. She came to the US with a dream of owning her own business. Delphinaís daughter, Taneisha, says that Delphina has  always been a hard worker and is a true story of the American Dream. The restaurant has been a great way to provide for the family financially, and also provide a lot of joy to them and their customers. The name Taco Suave came about from the family brainstorming names. Taneishaís father thought of it to be funny, but it really grew on everyone.The food at Taco Suave is like a home cooked meal made with love. The dishes are authentic Mexican classics, along with unique daily specials. They have a variety of tacos, including uncommon choices like Lengua (cow tongue). Taneisha recommends Enchiladas, which have their delicious jitomate sauce and salsa verde.Taneishaís favorite part of working in the restaurant is interacting with the customers. She gets to know a lot of regulars, and also loves hearing stories from new customers and travelers. Taco Suave is open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM. Check it out for delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine!

200 W Street Rd
Warminster, PA 18974