Tacos Tequilas, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Tacos Tequilas is a Mexican restaurant in Chicago, Illinois that is focused on serving authentic foods from different regions of Mexico. Its owners, Jorge Pizana and Jorge Manzano both grew up in Mexico and came to America with the dream of opening their own restaurant. After twenty years of experience in the food industry they finally made that dream a reality and Tacos Tequilas was born! The restaurant opened in 2013 and will soon be celebrating its third year in business. The menu is full of delicious and flavorful meals that derive from different regions in Mexico like the north and south parts. Tacos Tequilas uses fresh, high-quality ingredients and makes everything from scratch in-house. Their salsas and Mole sauce is all homemade from original recipes and they even make their own homemade chips. The menu is small and concise in order for the chefs to execute every dish perfectly with close attention to detail. One of customersí favorite dishes is the Cochinita Pibil, which is citrus achiote marinated roasted pork and red onions tacos. The flavors are succulent and customers canít seem to get enough!  The Molcajete Surtido is a very authentic Mexican dish that is also a fan favorite. It comes with skirt steak, chicken, chorizo, Panela cheese, grilled cactus, onions, and salsa rustica that is served on a piping hot lava stone. It is accompanied by fresh tortillas for customers to make their own tacos with. In addition to Tacos Tequilas wonderful cuisine, they have an amazing tequila bar as well. Their margaritas are definitely their signature and the clienteleís favorite drink of choice. Many of the other drinks featured on their menu are popular drinks from the past like Sex on the Beach and the Tequila Sunrise. The Bomber Margaritas are also full of flavor and a very popular choice. Tacos Tequilas has a great outdoor sidewalk cafÈ area where guests can enjoy their food during the warm summer months. The staff is very hard working to ensure that every customer leaves satisfied with a smile on their face. They also offer catering and delivery services. The owners couldnít be happier with the success they have achieved so far and only plan to expand in the future, ìWhen people say American Dreams come true, here we are! Tacos Tequilas!î

2919 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618