Take a Vacation and Reap the Benefits: 12 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Vacation Time

After a long cold winter, March is finally here and spring is in the air! This infographic provided by Expedia illustrates why a little vacation time is completely beneficial to employees.

Did you know that less than half of workers in The United States use their vacation time?  According to this Business Insider article, most employees feel much to buried with work to justify taking time away from the office.

It’s only logical to assume the more you work the more productive you are, though that’s actually not the case. The time away from your colleagues and desk gives you a chance to decompress and reboot brain power. It’s actually healthy to take a vacation!

Vacation time benefits employees because the break…

  1.  Makes your smarter by boosting brain power, which prompts a full recharge giving your problem solving skills a tune up.
  2. Improves health. Vacation time allows a chance for the mind, body, and spirit to reconnect to live longer, make your heart stronger, and prevents disease.
  3. Boosts productivity and work performance and quality, and even inspires creativity.
  4. Is great for your mental health as it relieves depression, improves sleep, and helps to motivate.


Get the spring back in your step and experience all the wonderful benefits of a much needed vacation!