Tanoshii Sushi, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Tanoshii Sushi is owned and operated by Mike, Chan, and Clifford. It is a project that Mike has been working on for over 20 years; it has been his dream to open a chain of restaurants. The first Tanoshii Sushi location in Andersonville was established in 2005, and the second location in the West Loop opened January 22nd, 2014. Most sushi restaurants offer a mix of all Japanese cuisine. At Tanoshii Sushi, they focus primarily on sushi rolls. The sushi chefs incorporate a lot of different ingredients to create unique flavor combinations. One roll highlights shiitake mushrooms. Another roll is made with sesame chili paste, truffle honey, and white peach balsamic sauce. Most of the rolls do not have names – the set menu was created by Mike and they use it as a base. When customers come in, they explain their likes and dislikes and Tanoshii Sushi caters to them. Tanoshii Sushi also offers a large variety of sake. At Tanoshii Sushi, they do not want to push anything on their customers. They strive for people to be happy; their goal is for guests to come in, be comfortable, and enjoy the food. Sushi connoisseurs and sushi newbies alike will take delight in the Tanoshii Sushi experience.

720 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60661