Taurinus Brazilian Steakhouse, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Taurinus Brazilian Steakhouse is an all you can eat steakhouse in downtown San Jose. Since March of 2014, people have been flocking to the beautiful restaurant to try their mouthwatering cuts of meat and famous salad bar. Some steakhouses will use an electric grill, but at Taurinus Brazilian Steakhouse, they only use a charcoal grill to get the best possible flavor. Have as much lamb, pork, chicken, and beef as your heart desires, along with a huge salad bar and delicious grilled pineapple.You serve yourself at the salad bar, while servers come to your table with different cuts of meat until you are completely full. For lunch, they serve 8 cuts of all you can eat meat. Weekday lunch is $23.95 per person, and weekend lunch is $27.95 per person. At dinner time, they offer 14 cuts of meat, for $49.95 per person. The salad bar features special salads from Brazil ñ customers love the ëHearts of Palmí and the tropical ëMango Saladí. Two meats that are an absolute must try are the sirloin, also known as ëPicanhaí in Portuguese, and the ëChicken Heartsí, which are unique to say the least. Although the meat is the main attraction, vegetarians can also enjoy Taurinus Brazilian Steakhouse salad bar for lunch ($19.95) and dinner ($34.95). They have hot dishes, like rice and beans, and their famous grilled pineapple. To pair with your meal, order the ëCaipirinhaí, Brazilís national cocktail. It is a refreshing drink made with CachaÁa ñ a light Brazilian rum ñ fresh lime and sugar.Even though Taurinus Brazilian Steakhouse is an all you can eat restaurant, customers rave about their impeccable service. Rarely will you have to ask for a drink refill or more meat. As long as the sign on your table says ìYes, Pleaseî the servers will come straight to your table offering all the different cuts available. Arguably the best part about a Brazilian restaurant is the fact you can try everything. If you donít like one cut of meat, donít eat it! You can indulge on the things you absolutely love, not fill up on food that is just ìkind of goodî. Taurinus Brazilian Steakhouse wants you to have a great experience from the instant you come in and notice the antique wood and brick walls, to the moment you leave happily full from your white tablecloth table.

167 W San Fernando St
San Jose, CA 95113