Thai Cafe, Mechanicsburg PA | Merchant Profile

Thai Cafe in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania is owned by Chinny and her nephew, Peter. Their motto is ìThe Heart of Siam Cuisine.î Chinny took over the restaurant in April 2016. She had previously worked in catering and restaurants for many years. Peter is a great addition to her team, because he has a knack for service.  She and Peter saw this place for sale and instantly loved it. It is a great location, the perfect size for them, and has a casual atmosphere. They have a lot of great local customers and regulars. Chinny says some of her customers love the food so much they come in multiple times a week and never get sick of it. Chinny updated the menu based on what her customers liked from the previous menu, and what they were looking for. The crowd favorites are their traditional Thai staples like Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles. Their soup buffet is a must try. Monday through Friday, customers can add their own protein and veggies to their delicious soup broth. Thai Cafe uses high quality ingredients like fresh produce which is bought daily.Thai Cafe is open Monday-Saturday for lunch and dinner and has a lunch buffet on weekdays. They are located in the Windsor Park Shopping Center and there is a parking lot available. Check it out for authentic Thai food and great service!

5202 Simpson Ferry Rd
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050