Thai Fresh, Northville MI | Merchant Profile

Thai Fresh in Northville will be celebrating their sixth anniversary in November of 2016. The ownerís family has been in the restaurant business for many years, operating several restaurants all over Michigan. Thai Fresh is the first of its kind, and they are looking to expand to Royal Oak. Tevi started working at Thai Fresh when the owner and long time family friend needed help at the restaurant. Tevi is from Cambodia and has always had a passion for cooking and eating Asian cuisine. In 2011, she decided to move to Northville and start a new career. ìMy boss gave me a good opportunity to run the business and I created a new menu and added creative new dishes,î explained Tevi. Tevi loves to concoct new recipes and experiment in the kitchen. At Thai Fresh, Tevi is happy to recommend dishes to customers. ìEvery Thai restaurant has pad Thai, curry, and fried rice, but I want to introduce you to something you havenít tried before to show you something you will love and want to come back for,î explained Tevi. Sometimes Tevi just makes small batches of items like the Coconut Ice Cream and CoCo Noodle Soup. She has customers call ahead of time to specially order it because it is not on the menu all the time. Tevi is working on a new menu for Thai Fresh that includes more steak dishes. ìI love eating, I love cooking, and I love feeding people,î Tevi said. Thai Fresh has made her and her customers very happy.

20460 Haggerty Rd
Northville, MI 48167