Thalia Spice, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Revamping the location under new management, Thalia Spice has sought to provide a heightened dining experience, elevating what the restaurant has already successfully offered. Owners Fritz Colcol, Chris Park, Eric Lee, and Sung Jin Park have brought a whole new style and ambiance to the table, while still keeping their focus on quality service paired with delicious cuisine. Two new chefs from Michelin Star restaurants (Acadia and one from Grace) offer an exquisite menu of asian fusion and a variety of culinary creations with a focus on excellent plate presentation and dishes rich in flavor. Engaging the customer is a top priority for the team and raising the bar for the customers is highly sought after. Doing so flawlessly, stopping in for a visit is sure to provide a memorable, satisfying experience.The sushi bar prepares expertly crafted sushi using the freshest ingredients. The restaurant uses woks and techniques such as frying to prepare some of their dishes, but also provides a wide array of healthier options to create a Michelin worthy dining experience for everyone. The establishment separates their menu into categories like seafood, meat, and vegetarian. Most dishes can be customized to address a customer’s dietary needs, including in particular, those on a Gluten-Free diet. A wide array of drinks are served from the bar to bring everything full circle. The mixologists are very creative with new concoctions that use the freshest ingredients of herbs and fruits. Thai basil, lychee fruit, and mint make each drink refreshing and unique. After dinner, you can relax in the luxurious lounge with a choice of drinks, including creative Martinis and a selection of beers imported directly from Southeast Asia. The location also has an outdoor patio and private dining rooms available to their customers. The restaurant is taking on a whole new ambiance, changing to a more luxurious style feeling in comparison to the previous antique look. Thalia Spice has not sacrificed its signature style by any means, and provides a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the dedicated staff. The customers are treated as guests and the relaxing but luxurious atmosphere rivals the idea that new ownership has brought to the table. An enhanced experience in a warm and inviting environment is top priority, and what Thalia Spice has brought to the table is nothing short of impressive. In fact, Thalia Spice has ambitions to earn a Michelin star within the next two years. The restaurant offers catering, special events and can host corporate gatherings. Takeout and delivery are available and conveniently done through the Thalia Spice app. Thalia Spice features an exquisite, luxurious experience of fine dining with the spice of southeast Asian cuisine.

833 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642