That Meetball Place, Patchogue NY | Merchant Profile

That Meetball Place opened on December 19th, 2013 in Patchogue, New York. Its name comes from the idea that it is a place where people meet and have a ball! The idea for this began when the owners, two brothers, Joe and Ralph Reale, Scott Colletti, Mike Vandeburg, and GM Jennifer Villasante realized the simplicity of the meatball and how it is a comfort food to many people. That Meetball place creates a family atmosphere where friends and families can share a delicious meal and enjoy each otherís company in a relaxed environment.One of the most popular food dishes is the TMP Sampler. In this dish, one gets three meatballs and three sauces. It is a good dish to try if it is oneís first visit to this restaurant. Also, the Spicy Mac ní Cheese Skillet is a fan favorite. This dish comes with pork meatballs and a spicy marinara sauce. Another popular dish, especially for kids is the Jumbo Pretzel. The pretzel is the size of a steering wheel and comes with three sauces. That Meetball Place is also equipped with a full bar and has many favorite cocktails. The most frequently ordered one is ìCoconut Bliss.î This cocktail is a liquid piÒa colada and hits the spot. The extensive cocktail list adds to the feel-good environment of That Meetball Place and makes for a fun dining experience.That Meetball Place prides itself in serving comfort food that one would eat from their grandma. The simplicity of their dishes and quality make for savory flavors and dishes that satisfy everyoneís taste buds. The wide variety of cuisine provided by That Meetball Place gives so many options that everyone leaves happy and with full stomachs.

52 W Main St
Patchogue, NY 11772