The Bagel Restaurant and Deli, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

The Bagel Restaurant and Deli has been in business since 1950. This restaurant has traditional Jewish cuisine and deli food that many people remember from childhood. Owner Danny Wolf takes pride in his business and likes the family feel that comes along with dining there.The most popular dishes at Bagel Restaurant are the matzah ball soup, chicken noodle soup made with fresh chicken, and of course their bagels. Additionally, the corn beef pastrami is a frequently ordered dish. Bagel Restaurant also has a bakery case with a fan favorite of apple strudel for dessert.Catering trays are available for purchase, as well as catering services for specific occasions. Many people order trays of lox and varieties of chicken and tuna salad for gatherings and celebrations. There are also takeout options available in addition to dining in. Many of the employees at Bagel Restaurant and Deli are long term employees and have worked there for many years. Part of what makes Bagel Restaurant such a pleasant dining experience is the history that goes along with the restaurant. They are known the be the ìBest of Chicagoî and have been on WGN before as well. This restaurant provides a delicious dining experience that has its customers leaving happy and satisfied. 

3107 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60657