The Beach House Restaurant, Bradenton Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Ed Chiles, a Florida native, is an exceptional business owner, visionary, and community member who has dedicated his life to improving and protecting Floridaís environment, economy, and agriculture. He began working in the restaurant industry after graduating from the University of Florida. He eventually made the move to Anna Maria Island with his family where he opened three outstanding restaurants: first The Sandbar in 1979, then the Mar Vista in 1990, and finally The Beach House in 1993. What really sets Ed and his restaurants apart from the pack is their focus and belief in sustainably harvested and locally sourced food. Everything featured on Edís three restaurantsí menus is local Florida fare and produce that is sustainably farmed. In 2014, Ed even took his beliefs one step further and purchased his very own farm, Gamble Creek. Today, Ed owns a second farm in addition to Gamble Creek called 3 Boys Farm of Ruskin. Much of the produce you see on the menu is freshly picked in the morning from these farms to ensure guests receive the freshest food possible. Thatís not all, Edís three restaurants are also participating in composting efforts where all their composted materials are returned to the farms in order to make fertilizer. Ed has continued to partner with companies and organizations to further these sustainable efforts not only in his community, but on a global scale.Edís most recent project has been The Beach House, which was formerly known as the Harbor House before Ed bought the place in 1993 and remodeled and renovated. The restaurant is perfect for families featuring their newly renourished beach, beautiful dining room & bar, and fully covered outdoor deck with views of the Gulf of Mexico. Local artists also perform at The Beach House frequently adding great entertainment to your meal.Everything at The Beach House is made from scratch using the freshest and finest locally sourced ingredients. One special item that is featured on all three restaurantsí menus is the Gray Striped Mullet. The fish are sourced from Cortez, Florida and harvested by sex because the females produce roe that is dried and cured, which produces a product called battarga. Both the fish and battarga are sold and eaten leaving nothing behind to waste. Ed encourages all his guests to give the fish a try and if they donít like it, heís the one buying! The rest of The Beach Houseís menu features delicious appetizers, soups & salads, sandwiches, fresh seafood, and entrees. One of the most popular dishes is the Seafood Capellini made with Gulf shrimp, scallops, fresh fish, lobster, and clams simmered with sherry lobster cream, basil, and sundried tomato pesto. The Gamble Creek Burger and Fish Tacos are other fan favorites. The Beach House also has a full bar offering a variety of beers, an extensive wine list, and craft cocktails. They have Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 5:00 PM with great appetizer and drink specials.The Beach House is also a great venue for weddings, receptions, or any sort of private event. They can help with catering and any event planning as well. In the end, The Beach House is your go-to for fresh food, great service, and beautiful views. The staff is warm and welcoming and works hard to send each and every customer home satisfied. The next time youíre craving a fresh and delicious meal with incredible views, make sure to stop by The Beach House today – you wonít be disappointed!

200 Gulf Drive North
Bradenton Beach, FL 34217