The Big Cheese, Miami FL | Merchant Profile

Bill Archer began his career in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher in Miami when he was just 15 years old. Bill worked his way up – he learned prep cooking and got a job as a head pizza man. After graduating high school, he moved to San Francisco in 1978 to be with his brother, who was discharged from Vietnam. He became a resident of California, enrolled in college, and got a job at a restaurant in downtown San Francisco. Bill spent much of his time either at work and school.In 1983, Bill moved back to Miami. He got a job at another restaurant but soon found out they were going out of business and vacating the building. Bill didnít have much money, but he really wanted to open his own restaurant at that location. He asked his buddy that he grew up with, Garry Duell, if he wanted to invest. Garry was, and still is, in the magazine and advertising business and works down in the Caribbean. Garry was able to put up the needed capital for the ovens and mixers, and Bill opened The Big Cheese on February 4th, 1984. Bill started out running the restaurant with just one employee. In 1989, The Big Cheese outgrew its location and took over the building across the street that was four times the space. The restaurant is still at that location today. The Big Cheese serves pizza, pasta, subs, and salads. The ëCaesar Saladí has grown so popular, Bill said that they have one employee on each shift that strictly makes Caesar salads. Customers love that they can top the salad with fried shrimp, grilled chicken, fried oysters, and more. The Big Cheese is the official sponsor of the University of Miami athletics, and the restaurant is filled with tons of sports memorabilia from over the years. The Big Cheese is a family style restaurant with a University of Miami sports theme. They have been a neighborhood favorite since 1984, and Bill exclaimed, ìWeíve had a great ride, and weíre still going!î

8080 SW 67th Ave
Miami, FL 33143