The Bird & The Bread, Birmingham MI | Merchant Profile

Certified Sommelier Kristen grew up in the food and wine industry. Her third restaurant, The Bird & The Bread, will be celebrating its second anniversary in February 2016. The beautiful 11,000 square foot facility is home to a casual restaurant that serves more higher end food than your traditional beer bar. The Bird & The Bread also holds two event rooms that can be combined to entertain up to 300 guests. The lively Birmingham, Michigan summers make The Bird & The Breadís patio a great place to grab something different to eat, while their stunning event space is a great place to host your next holiday party. The dynamic, seasonal menu promises something different and delicious year round. As you may have guessed, The Bird & The Bread is famous for ëThe Birdí, their signature hormone and cage free rotisserie chicken. The ìbreadî is primarily in pizza form, but some other delicious options include the ëBacon & Chive Skillet Cornbreadí served with honey butter, or the fresh baked, three cheese ëWarm Cheese Breadí, served with marinara & creamy dill sauce. The Bird & The Bread serves many appetizers and bar friendly items, such as customer favorites ëDuck Wingsí and ëBeets & Ricottaí. The Bird & The Bread wants to push the envelope with their menu. Sure, you will always be able to find steak, salmon, pizza and chicken options, but Kristen is dedicated to making each and every one of those things taste special and different from anywhere else. Kristen explains that The Bird & The Breadís menu has many items where you may think, ìWow, that sounds really interesting, I want to try that.î The Bird & The Bread aspires to introduce you to new culinary delights, expanding your palate. The Bird & The Bread tries to buy as much local food as possible. In Birmingham, many diners regularly eat out up to five days a week, and Kristen wants her food to be accessible for everyday consumption. The Bird & The Bread tries to stay on the healthier side, making it a great option for families. On the other hand, with 24 craft beers, a huge bar and between 100 to 150 wine options available at any given time, The Bird & The Bread caters to the finer spirit drinking crowd. There are many options for everyone to enjoy the pleasures The Bird & The Bread has to offer.

210 S Old Woodward Ave
Birmingham, MI 48009