The Brown Bottle, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

The Brown Bottle has been in its original restaurant space in downtown Milwaukee and is a part of Schlitz Brewery. It has been and will continue to serve as a final meeting spot after brewery tours. Many celebrities have visited and now have their pictures hanging on the walls of The Brown Bottle. Along with A-list celebrities and Milwaukee Brewersí players pictures, there are pictures of what the brewery used to look like originally. A blast from the past, the ceilings, woodwork, chandeliers, and flooring are all original attributes of the restaurant. Only minor upgrades and changes have been made to enhance the warm ambience of The Brown Bottle.There are many unique dishes and flavors on the menu of The Brown Bottle. The chefs at The Brown Bottle are serving up made-from-scratch American pub cuisine with a twist. The Reuben sandwich is made with Kimchi, a Korean spiced and fermented cabbage, instead of the traditional sauerkraut to add a unique and tangy flare. Meatloafs are also individually made and topped with a housemade tomato jam ñ a modern touch on an American comfort food classic. The pretzel crusted pork chops are an excellent choice as well. To begin your amazing meal at Brown Bottle, try the Schlitz beer nuggets, which is beer infused dough, cooked and served hot ñ a crowd favorite. Whether meeting after a brewery tour or planning a lunch or dinner event, The Brown Bottleís classic, yet modern menu is sure to please!

221 W Galena St
Milwaukee, WI 53212