The Burger Garage, Long Island NY | Merchant Profile

Bringing a classic vibe to the Long Island area, The Burger Garage lends a nostalgic sense of service stations, implementing delicious food that brings return customers time after time. Brothers Adam and Jim Pileski prioritize putting out quality food that speaks for itself and have done so successfully for the past six years. Using all fresh ingredients, the customer can rest assured that they are receiving a quality burger paired with an inviting experience. The exponential flood of burger joints in the area can create a lot of confusion on which is the best choice, but look no further, The Burger Garage delivers.The restaurant has no problem in bringing in loyal customers and this is due in part to the effort Adam and Jimís team puts into their menu. They take zero shortcuts and pride themselves on going the extra mile for each of their customers. With their signature three meat blend, each burger ensures freshness with a rich, flavorful taste. A popular item also includes their turkey burger, providing a healthier alternative to those who still enjoy a hearty meal. Vegetarians are welcome to try the American cuisine, Adam and Jim have also implemented delicious alternatives that do not sacrifice flavor. Serving a Portobello Burger, it is comprised of a jumbo portobello cap marinated in salt, pepper, and olive oil, roasted on the oven and finished on the griddle. The Burger Garage also offers a classic Veggie Burger that is made out of a chic pea blend, oats, fresh jalapeÒos, garlic, cumin, and an array of other spices. No matter the preference, Adam and Jim have something to suit everyoneís taste.Located at 25-36 Jackson Avenue, The Burger Garage is sure to satisfy, and provides a welcoming atmosphere paired with quality food. Heavily favored in the area, the restaurant has become a staple in the community serving burger lovers since 2010. While in the area, the menu is definitely worth a try and also offers delivery if preferred.

25-36 Jackson Ave.
Long Island, NY 11101