The Cheese & Wine Cafe, Lantana FL | Merchant Profile

Elegantly set in Lantana, The Cheese & Wine Cafe has found its niche, a hidden gem in the area that has gained widespread notoriety over a short period of time. Owner Judy Hidalgo carries a natural passion for food and the genuine nature in which she expresses it is apparent in her entire bistro. From top to bottom the location encapsulates an honest and trustworthy experience, and the family oriented nature brings the entire concept full circle. With the support of her mother Gilca, Judy has taken the bistro to the next level, driving the best of the best for her customers to indulge in, and has done so flawlessly. From top to bottom, The Cheese & Wine Cafe hits the nail on the head and Judyís team puts an honest experience at the forefront of their intentions. Deriving her passion from her mother, Judy learned to cook and try new things with great influence, while also trying her own things as well. Using her knowledge to fuel this culinary powerhouse, the dishes are top notch, and the honest and consistent way they are delivered is nothing short of impressive. A top choice, the Rice Bowl Salad,  offers  a fully customizable meal and is  reason enough to step in and give the bistro a try. Patrons have the options of implementing Chicken, Salmon, Tuna, Goat or Feta Cheese over a bed of Basmati Rice and Organic Greens. Everything is made from scratch, in house, to ensure the best experience time after time. The wine brings everything full circle, offering a wide array of options for customers to pair with the delicious menu items. Naturally, the cheese is a fan favorite, offering a board of options that stimulate the palate while complementing the fine wines that Judy has to offer. Chef Mateo Biccinaza uses his culinary expertise to give guests the meal they deserve, and raises the bistro to new heights. Stopping in not only guarantees a quality experience, but a memorable one as well, and is a must while visiting the area.

802 N Dixie Hwy.
Lantana, FL 33462