The Chili Pepper Cantina, Machester PA | Merchant Profile

Marty and Jessie Keister own The Chili Pepper Cantina in Manchester, Pennsylvania. The cantina got its start as a small shaved ice shop called Glacier Flakes. Marty and Jessie wanted to expand and fill a demographic that was missing in the area. In their travels, they experienced a type of high quality, fresh Mexican cuisine that wasnít available in Manchester. They decided to add a burrito shop, The Chilly Pepper Cafe, to Glacier Flakes. As the food became extremely popular, they revised their concept and took a heavier focus on food, which is how The Chili Pepper Cantina was created. They now have a full menu of Mexi-Cali cuisine and still serve their famous shaved ice. Jessie and Marty love being in the business. Their favorite part is getting to meet people and form relationships with their customers. They have a lot of regulars that they have gotten to know really well.Marty and Jessie pride themselves on making food that is good and good for you. They have a ìfood first focus.î They stand apart from chain Mexican restaurants, because they are able to take the time to commit to quality. They use a lot of local and organic ingredients and hand select all of their meat and produce. They donít use any filler and go light on spices in order to let the ingredients shine. The meat is trimmed of fat, so you arenít eating anything extra or unhealthy. Their most popular taco and burrito meat is their Chili Pepper Chicken. First impressions are important, and the first thing customers notice when they walk through the door is the amazing aroma of the food. It often convinces people to buy food, even if they came for the shaved ice. The shaved ice is also amazing. They make all of their syrups in house with no high fructose corn syrup. Even their ice is great quality, all of their water is filtered to ensure that is the cleanest possible. The Chili Pepper Cantina is open seven days a week. Come on in for some ìicy and spicyî shaved ice and Mexi-Cali cuisine!

4308 N George St
Machester, PA 17345