The Chipmunks, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

The Chipmunks has been a popular fast food restaurant in Chicago since 1985. In 2015, Kay Nguyen became the new owner of Chipmunks, but continues to carry on its great reputation and legacy.  Kay grew up working in the food industry and finally decided she wanted to run her own place when she purchased The Chipmunks. The restaurant is located very close to the Diversey Harbor on Lake Michigan, so itís a great place to visit after a day on the lake or walk in the park. The Chipmunksí menu has a huge variety of different foods and dishes to choose from. All the ingredients are fresh, never frozen to guarantee vibrant and succulent flavors. The Chipmunks also features different specials every day of the week. You can get a great meal for an amazing value at The Chipmunks. One of the most popular items off of The Chipmunksí menu is their Grilled Chicken. The chicken is extremely moist and flavorful and is available on sandwiches, in salads, in pasta, or just by itself. Chipmunksí Chicken Alfredo is one of customersí favorite dishes because the chicken pairs perfectly with their creamy and hearty Alfredo sauce. The Gyro is another popular dish at The Chipmunks and is also available to be put into dishes like salads, sandwiches, and pastas. Steaks and pork chops are also perfectly executed at The Chipmunks and make for a very filling meal. In addition to dining in at The Chipmunks, the restaurant also offers delivery and pick-up. Customers may call ahead and put in their order, and then when they get to the restaurant the food is ready for them to take home. The Chipmunks offer both indoor seating as well as outdoor seating for guests to enjoy Chicagoís warm weather in the summer. For delicious food that is served fast, make sure to stop by The Chipmunks today!

438 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60614