The Famous Hot Weiner, Hanover PA | Merchant Profile

The Famous Hot Weiner has three locations. They are: 160 Dart Drive in Hanover, Downtown Hanover at 101 Broadway, and in West York at 2179 York Crossing Drive. Brothers Tim and George Keriazes are the fourth generation of their family to operate The Famous Hot Weiner. Their Great Grandfather started the business in 1923. Tim tells us heís been working in the restaurant since the age of fourteen helping his grandparents and parents operate the eatery. Tim says running the restaurant is hard work, but he really enjoys interacting with customers and working with his great staff. What makes the food at Famous Hot Weiner stand out is the quality of ingredients used. Tim tells us you can always pick out a quality hot dog, like those used in the restaurant, by the casing. There is a distinctive snap when one bites into it. The Famous Chili Sauce and homestyle gravy are made from recipes handed down through the generations. Another tradition at Famous Hot Weiner is that the shape of the burgers are the same as the hot dogs. Timís great grandfather didnít want to deal with multiple bun suppliers, so they made the burgers fit the hot dog buns. The biggest selling item in the restaurants is the Hot Dog with everything. Other popular menu items include: the Famous Double Cheeseburger and the Famous Grilled Chicken & Cheese. The Famous Golden Fries are served multiple ways: plain, with cheese sauce, with Famous Chili Sauce, and with with Homestyle Gravy. The menu also features salads, milkshakes, and desserts such as pie and cake. Also there are numerous breakfast selections. If you are looking for a great, family friendly, fast casual restaurant, check out one of the three Famous Hot Weiner locations. Tim, George, and their warm and caring staff will ensure you have a great dining experience!

160 Dart Dr
Hanover, PA 17331