The Flaming Grill Restaurant, Sterling Heights MI | Merchant Profile

For the past ten years, Pete has owned and operated Flaming Grill Family Dining and has loved every minute of it. He has been in the restaurant industry his entire life, starting when he was just 14 years old. Pete and his family came to the United States from Montenegro in 1973. He is a huge people person, and loves to be around good food and good people. Pete knows all of his customers by face, and 80% by name! An overwhelming majority of Peteís customers visit Flaming Grill Family Dining between two and four times a week, some even come for two meals a day!Everyone loves Flaming Grill Family Diningís ëStuffed Cabbageí, homemade fresh every day the old-fashioned way with the best tomato sauce around. Pete says they make and sell a lot of fish, including fish and chips, salmon, shrimp and perch. Many times he will have a fish that is not on the menu but on their Special Board. Allergies or dietary restrictions? Flaming Grill Family Dining is happy to work with your needs, all you have to do is ask. They can most likely create whatever you want, even if it is not on the menu.Pete strongly believes in buying high-quality food, cleanliness and having wonderful employees. New customers come into the restaurant and are shocked to learn Flaming Grill Family Dining has been open for 10 years, itís that clean. Pete hand-picks his wait staff. They have to be friendly have a positive attitude. Flaming Grill Family Dining promises good service, food, and portions at reasonable prices. Pete and his staff like to build relationships with their customers. Itís like Cheers – everyone knows everyone.

43474 Mound Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48314