The Glunz Tavern, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

The House of Glunz wine shop was originally established in 1888. Soon after opening, they added a tavern right next door. In the 1920ís, the tavern closed for the Prohibition. When the Prohibition ended, the Glunz family used the space to import, distribute, and bottle alcohol, but no one wanted to run a tavern. The tavern stayed closed until 2013 when Barbara Glunz and her son Christopher decided to reopen it. The Glunz family is going into their 129th year in business at The House of Glunz. They never closed the wine shop during the Prohibition; they sold medicinal alcohol, sacramental wine, and taught people how to make wine at home and provided all the supplies they needed like bottles, grape juice, and yeast. Their operations for The House of Glunz kept the tavern space relatively intact. At The Glunz Tavern, the tin ceiling, wainscoting, and floor are all original to when the building was built in 1874. Even the signage, paintings and photos are all original; they were tucked neatly away in the attic all these years. Christopher explained that their goal at The Glunz Tavern is to create a space that really looks like it was taken straight out of the 1900ís. The Glunz Tavern offers food influenced by the immigrants that came to Chicago at the time; a lot of Italian, French, German, as well as American dishes. Their broad menu reach gives them a lot of latitude when it comes to creating specials. Just about everything at The Glunz Tavern is made in-house, including their pastas. Their burger, gnocchi, and Wienerschnitzel are all highly popular choices. The Glunz Tavern has one of the top whiskey selections in all of Chicago; offering old classics but also always working towards finding the next best thing. The recently started carrying Asian whiskeys and are working with many Japanese and Chinese producers. The Glunz Tavern also specializes in offering a steady selection of small, craft production or independent bottlings of scotch, vodka, and gin. Being in the wine and spirits business for 129 years, the Glunz family knows a thing or two about wine. The Glunz Tavern offers a broad selection of wines by the glass. The Glunz family put a lot of time and effort into choosing the best wines. Everything they offer is something they have tasted, and for most of their selections they know the person who is making it. ìWe have faith in what they are doing and often times have been to their vineyard,î Christopher stated. They are constantly searching for better and better wines to always be improving their customerís experience.

1202 N Wells St
Chicago, IL 60610