The Green Room Cafe, Cocoa Beach FL | Merchant Profile

The Green Room CafÈ is a health conscious, organic restaurant owned by Deborah Wright. Before owning The Green Room CafÈ, Deborah gained tons of experience owning a steakhouse in New Jersey. After some time Deborah decided she wanted to move in a healthier direction. Deborahís daughter grew up with severe allergies and after learning she could decrease them by switching to healthier cleaning products in her home her daughter was able to stop using 5 different allergy medications. This confirmed that Deborahís move to a healthier lifestyle was not only perfect for her home, but career as well. Deborah opened The Green Room CafÈ six years ago in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The restaurant consists of mainly vegetarian dishes, but offers three meals with meat ñ two tuna dishes and a chicken burrito with, of course, no preservatives. Although not a vegan or gluten-free restaurant, The Green Room CafÈ is more than happy to meet every customerís individual needs. For example, they can prepare gluten-free wraps and salads or make a burrito in a bowl instead of using a tortilla. The Green Room CafÈís food is always fresh and as close to 100% organic as they can be. The staff is very attentive and detail-oriented and prepares each customerís meal individually, making sure all specifications are met. They provide a very warm and endearing environment and just want their customers to feel the love when they walk through the door. The Green Room CafÈ also makes a signature chipotle sauce that customers rave about. In the future Deborah hopes to package and sell the sauce to stores and customers. She also has the desire to grow and expand The Green Room CafÈ to more locations in order to serve healthy, delicious food to as many people as she can. The Green Room CafÈ can be found just down the street from the beach, which gives it a cozy and relaxed environment. Open every day besides Sunday, you can trust that every time you visit The Green Room CafÈ that you are getting a meal individually made with lots of love. Donít miss out on all the delicious and healthy options The Green Room CafÈ has to offer!

222 N 1st St
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931