The Grill Next Door, Haverhill MA | Merchant Profile

The Grill Next Door is a family owned and operated restaurant in Haverhill, Massachusetts. It is owned by Dave Dalton. Dave and his family have owned the building since 1986. They first used it to open a convenience store. In the mid 2000s, the family took several years to expand and renovate the space. Dave felt there was a need for a good craft beer bar in the area. Many people would go to Boston in search of a place for great craft beers, so he wanted to offer something more local. The name The Grill Next Door came about during the expansion, because the family was going back and forth to the next door building that they were adding to the establishment. The restaurant officially opened in 2009. They are known for the friendly environment and warm and cosy atmosphere. The crowd is largely locals and friends, and the staff is very welcoming to anyone who comes in. There are 36 rotating craft beers on tap The Grill Next Door. The staff is well trained to help customers find a beer to their liking and they know how to pair the beers with food. The menu consists mostly of classic American comfort foods. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant has many awards under their belt including Fox 25ís Best Burger Award, Dish Worth Driving To awards, and 8 Phantom Gourmet awards. Burgers are a top selling item at The Grill Next Door. They offer a turkey burger, a veggie burger, and many creative specialty burgers. One of their unique options is the Apple Chip Burger, which is a seasoned pork burger stuffed with cinnamon apples, then topped with swiss cheese and bacon and served with maple syrup. The Grill Next Door is also famous for their specialty french fries. Dave recommends the Gravy Fries, which are smothered with thick brown gravy. The Grill Next Door hosts events regularly. More information on their special events, like beer tastings, can be found on their Facebook page. Returning customers are encouraged to join their Beer Club. You can win fun prizes like t-shirts and mugs, just for trying new beers. The Grill Next Door is open daily. Stop by for a delicious meal and refreshing craft beer!

653 Broadway
Haverhill, MA 01832