The GrubHouse, Saint Clair Shores MI | Merchant Profile

Valonís family immigrated from Albania in the early 1970ís, when his dad got a job washing dishes in Greektown. About a year and a half later, he acquired his own restaurant. Valon remembers being just ten years old washing dishes. Valon grew up in the industry, but naturally was a curious young man and wanted to experience what else the world had to offer. After college, he moved out to California, had several good and interesting jobs, and traveled around. After a few years, it all came down to sticking with what he knew, and he knew the restaurant industry. Valon opened The GrubHouse in April 2016. Valon and his family own four other restaurants, but The GrubHouse is the first of its kind. The menu is very fast and includes a little bit from all the other restaurants theyíve owned combined and put together in a unique way. The customers rave about the Spinach Pie. Valon explained that he has customers say to him, ìIíve been eating Spinach Pie for 40 years and this is the best Iíve ever had.î The Chicken Fried Chicken dish is another favorite; real mashed potatoes with corn, gravy, and fried chicken. The classic Greek dishes are exceptional, and the Premium Cut Ribeye is out of this world. Everything is super fresh and made in-house. The chef makes all of the soups, dressings, and sauces, and marinades, cooks and slices all of the meats. Valon refers to everything they offer as ìFarm Fresh Homestyleî.Valon truly believes they created something special at The GrubHouse, and popularity is catching on quick. Donít miss the cozy-comfortable but trendy-cool atmosphere of The GrubHouse. Valon also has plans in the making for a second location!

22230 Greater Mack Ave
Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080