The Harp & Crown Pub and Kitchen, Cornelius NC | Merchant Profile

Christina traveled around the world for a year and a half with her then boyfriend, now husband, Christopher Phillips. Coincidentally, they ended up picking up recipes from everywhere they went. It all started in Indonesia with two sisters who brought Christina and Christopher a big menu, The sisters asked them to come into the kitchen and write out the ingredients in English so they would be able to tell their customers what herbs and spices they were using. ìI thought ëNo problem,í and I started writing and my husband started cooking with them. Then, every country we went to we started to do that and it became a thing for us,î Christina explained. Every country except China, who were a bit skeptical. Christina is from Ireland, and Christopher hails from England. When Christopher and Christina came to the United States after traveling, to neither of their surprise they were broke. They found jobs and worked in New York for about a year, saved up, got married, and headed to San Francisco, where they gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Soon Christopher was offered a good job in New York, and they headed back East. Christina and Christopher wanted to open a restaurant in New York, but, ìIt was going to cost $200,000 just to put the key in the door,î Christina explained. Charlotte was booming so they decided to move to North Carolina and acquired Restaurant X for a quarter of the price. ìThe only thing with Restaurant X was that it was beer and wine only, so people would say ëYouíre Irish, heís English, it has to be a pub,í and it wasn’t!î said Christina. Since they always wanted a pub, after eight years they sold Restaurant X and started a new venture, The Harp & Crown Pub and Kitchen.In The Harp & Crown Pub and Kitchen, Harp represents Christina and Ireland, and Crown, Christopher and England. They offer a little bit of everything, from English Curries to Cornbeef and Cabbage Spring Rolls. The Harp & Crown Pub and Kitchen is known for their Fish & Chips, a delicious beer battered fresh cod. The Savory Bread Pudding is a vegetarian favorite, consisting of all vegetables in a mushroom sauce. Yum!The Harp & Crown Pub and Kitchen has a beautiful patio and a fantastic outdoor bar. Live Irish music performs on the first Sunday of each month, and on the last Sunday of the month you can enjoy a jazz brunch. All weekend in the summer they will have live music playing!! Visit The Harp & Crown Pub and Kitchen for a delicious authentic meal. As soon as you walk in, you will see that Christopher and Christina put their heart and soul into everything they do at The Harp & Crown Pub and Kitchen.

19930 W Catawba Ave
Cornelius, NC 28031