The Heart of Sicily, Emigsville PA | Merchant Profile

Taking a classic concept and revamping it with authenticity and a genuine care for perfection, The Heart of Sicily delivers exactly what the name entails. Owner Salvatore Failla saw his dream when he was just a nine year old boy living in Sicily. The packs of gum for sale in the shops had pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge on them, and he had always dreamt of coming to America to live his life. His dream came to fruition and shortly after, he and his family came and lived in Brooklyn to start their endeavor of living the American dream. After living there for about a year and a half, his family moved to Pittsburgh and opened several small shops until moving to the middle of Pennsylvania where they brought the culinary masterpiece known as The Heart of Sicily.The pizza is where the restaurant really shines, crafting their options in true New York fashion. Salvatore prides himself on his quality and consistency and his efforts are nothing short of remarkable. His staff takes everything to the next level, playing close attention to detail and being ever so meticulous in their craft. The style is the closest thing you can get to New York in the area, creating a unique and signature experience that can only be found at The Heart of Sicily. The Alfredo is also a popular dish for customers to indulge in, made in a hearty portion to achieve the utmost satisfaction time after time. Everything is made fresh, in house, ensuring a genuine experience from Salvatore and his team with each visit. Making the bread for their sandwiches from scratch can attest to the quality that the restaurant brings to the table, and the lack of cutting corners from top to bottom. The longstanding efforts of Salvatore and his family can be attributed to the popularity they have garnered throughout the years, and with each visit, shows the continuous quality efforts they present, making it a must while in the Emigsville area.

3186 N George St.
Emigsville, PA 17318