The Hideaway, Taylor MI | Merchant Profile

Located in Taylor, Michigan, The Hideaway is a sports bar and grill geared towards the working class and provides good people with great food. The restaurant is successfully introducing simpler things elevated to a new level and has added their own zest to their items in a unique way. Approaching one year in business, The Hideaway quickly won the hearts of the locals and has become a staple in the community as a place to come, relax, and be around good people and good conversation. With a more than welcoming atmosphere and a fantastic staff, this is a must visit spot in the area. The owners, Sammy and Sonny, put a large emphasis on taking traditional American bar food and turning it into gourmet without the gourmet prices. He did this seamlessly while creating the menu, and the customers enjoy it to the fullest. One of the popular items on the menu is a burger called The Hideaway, and it is topped with bacon, Swiss and American cheese, as well as a fried egg. You can top that off with some spicy mayo or anything you prefer, and all the flavors come together perfectly. Another burger worth trying, the Red and Blue, is Sammyís own spin on the Black and Blue. The flavorful burger is topped with Gorgonzola, bacon, and Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce.This burger loverís paradise does not stop there. The menu also features an item called The Carnivore, which is a meat patty topped with a grilled chicken breast, pulled pork, bacon, and your choice of cheese. The Hideaway also gives you an option to Build Your Own ìB.Y.O,î which makes the possibilities endless! Along with that, the Bar and Grill offers fantastic appetizers like their Ultimate Nachos, Wings, and Sliders. If that isn’t your speed, the restaurant also has an array of sandwiches, salads and wraps. With a full bar and draft beer on tap, The Hideaway aims to please their customers and create an experience that everyone can enjoy. Sammy and Sonny successfully provide blue collar Americans fantastic food without the large price tag. Located at 12690 Allen Road, itís one of the best places to visit in the area.

12680 Allen Road
Taylor, MI 48180