The Jerk House Jamaican Grill, Santa Cruz CA | Merchant Profile

The Jerk House is unlike any other restaurant in the area, so if youíre traveling through Santa Cruz, California, be sure to make a stop. The Jerk House owner, Tim Buonagurio has worked in Jamaican restaurants in Atlanta in hopes to someday run his very own. In 2015, Tim along with partner Jackie Odell, opened Jerk House to the public and has been a hit with the people since.  Tim also owns a tattoo shop in town as well. His passion for art and food is immediately absorbed when entering the fun and creative atmosphere of Jerk House. Tim is excited to share his vision with the local community and travelers alike.The menu sticks to real authentic Jamaican cuisine and organic ingredients. The menu is healthy and the food is packed with Jamaican spice and flavor. It is recommended to try the Jerk Chicken and, if youíre feeling adventurous, the Oxtail. The menu also features Curry Goat and burgers, but if youíre looking for a real treat, try the ribs. The ribs are marinated overnight before slow cooking for four hours. Available in either a jerk (spicy) or hibiscus (sweet) glaze. For sides, you can find sweet plantains, coconut jasmine rice with red beans, and stir fried Jamaican cabbage slaw, which is served with every meal.To compliment your meal, select from a menu of locally brewed beers or wine. Also available is all natural sodas, coconut water, and herbal lattes. The Jerk House also features great deals during happy hour.Praised in local media write-ups, The Jerk House has amazing food and a unique interior. Reminiscent of a Hollywood movie set, the inside features a bar made from a boat and large beautifully painted wall murals created by some of Timís friends. Come check it out for yourself at this truly one of a kind restaurant. Sit back, relax, and enjoy everything The Jerk House has to offer!

2525 Soquel Dr
Santa Cruz, CA 95065