The Lion & Rose British Restaurant & Pub – Forum, Live Oak TX | Merchant Profile

Immersing an authentic pub that rivals Irish and British style establishments overseas, The Lion & Rose British Restaurant & Pub takes a concept that similar purveyors haven’t gone near, and raises the bar flawlessly. Owner, Allen Tharp, has solidified himself as a top notch restaurateur with unrivaled success, creating staple after staple across the country. His ability to craft the best of the best separates his restaurants as a whole, elevating every single detail, and not cutting any corners. From humble beginnings to widespread success, Allen has learned the industry from top to bottom and used that as fuel to take on this culinary powerhouse he has since created. The Lion & Rose simply encompasses an authentic concept at a higher level, putting service and quality of the utmost importance, and does so seamlessly.Allen derives his culinary strengths from his mother and father, replicating their work ethic and using it as the structure for his own endeavors. He saw his future in law school, but diverted to his true passion, that being the restaurant industry. Taking initiative and diving in full force, Allen sought to learn the craft from the ground up and meticulously studied the ins and outs of the trade. In 1995 he passionately took on the role to supply over a million meals per month to the military. Continuing on, he looked to build a culinary masterpiece, and has done so with The Lion & Rose British Restaurant.The restaurant has sought to encapsulate the true meaning of what a Pub should be, which has become more and more diluted in the United States. Allen and his wife took the concept head on and traveled to Europe to accurately document what it means to provide a true British style ambiance paired with upscale, authentic dishes. Deriving the best from each experience, they put the focal points of each pub into their establishment, creating an original, yet genuine concept. The communal aspect is bar none, and pairing it with the finest ingredients, creates an experience that can attest to the true authentic European style.The home cooked meals are held to a higher standard, crafting the best possible experience at a more than consistent level. The menu has changed on a regular basis, and that can attest to Allenís desire to elevate the level of quality for his customers. The core items stick to the British and Irish uniqueness, while also delivering a familiarity with the upstanding comfort items. The Scotch Egg provides a dish rich in flavor, a hard boiled egg wrapped in a banger sausage and cheddar cheese. The egg is breaded, deep fried, and served atop a bed of field greens, English chutney, and spicy mustard. The boneless wings are award winning, comprised of eight wings cooked to perfection, tossed in the guestís choice of sauce varying from hot, to teriyaki, to Cajun spiced, among many others.The signature dishes are where the restaurant really shines, crafting upscale options that have people constantly coming back for more. The Banch-Mi Tuna is a four ounce seared ahi tuna filet, served with sauteed Asian cabbage, basmati rice, and a sweet chili-teriyaki sauce. The burgers are also award winning pairing a half pound Angus patty with the freshest ingredients. The Skillets are a widely popular item, and provide something for everyone seeking a high quality dish. The Blacksmith does just that, a grilled whiskey flavored steak served with peppers, onions, and loaded Colcannon potatoes on a sizzling iron skillet.The combination of the menu and the ambiance is unparalleled and brings everything full circle for the customers to dine in. The four locations provide a different experience that hold a refreshing change of pace in comparison to a typical dining experience. Allen seeks to provide an eclectic menu paired with a welcoming atmosphere, and doesn’t lack in either of those categories. Taking a double decker bus from 1962 Britain and dropping it right in the heart of Texas, The Lion & Rose Restaurant & Pub takes the extra step when it comes to accompanying their guests in style, raising the bar on the entire experience with a shocking authenticity. The restaurant is perfect for meetings, parties, and wedding receptions providing a quality experience with absolutely no charge for renting the location out. The home style ambiance is reflective of the European atmosphere and Allenís ability to provide that to the area is nothing short of impressive, making it a must while visiting Texas.

8211 Agora Pkwy.
Live Oak, TX 78154