The Lucky Monk, South Barrington IL | Merchant Profile

Holding quality, and a unique change of pace to the South Barrington area to a higher standard, The Lucky Monk takes a simple concept and encapsulates a full circle brewery and dining experience. Doing so to the highest degree, the family run establishment has secured itself as a top choice for locals in the area, immersing the name into the community and creating widespread recognition. Their efforts do not go unnoticed, having been around for seven years, the location has become a staple to the area, rightfully so, the location takes the extra step to provide the best of the best to the community. The family owned style is prevalent upon visiting, and can attest to the warm and welcoming environment that they have been able to provide, making it a top choice for those visiting the Chicagoland area. Formerly known as The Brass, the current team at The Lucky Monk took the concept and redirected it to new heights, putting consistency, quality, and originality at the forefront. Hitting the nail on the head, their craft beer program is unsurpassable, and the food they have crafted to pair with it can be compared to gourmet bar food. The beers are a true representation of the talent The Lucky Monk has to offer, taking their ìArt of Craftî motto and turning it into a reality. Anthony Carollo runs the brewhouse and uses all his own recipes to create beers that have customers returning for more. The location houses five signature beers, monthly seasonals, as well as seasonal beer programs such as the current Barrel Aged Program. For the winter months, Anthony has bought Bourbon Barrels from Kentucky and they are used to age their beer for the season. The food matches the beer, taking a creative approach to household items, with rich flavorful ingredients. The burgers are where the location shines the most, crafting all options from USDA Prime Beef, and cooking them to perfection to achieve a tender and juicy experience. The King is a signature option comprised of Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon. They also offer simpler options like the Monk, made with a Tillamook Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Pickle. The Tacos also come in high regard offering options like the Shrimp, Skirt Steak, or Crispy Fish. To bring everything full circle the setting provides a family style environment along with a social aspect as well. The outdoor patio is a sight to behold, a beautifully set location backed by a nature preserve, with a fire pit and seating of up to one hundred. No matter the instance, The Lucky Monk simply has something for everyone and is always seeking to raise the bar on their already fantastic concept, making for a great dining experience.

105 Hollywood Blvd.
South Barrington, IL 60010