The Mess Hall Canteen & Cafe, Willow Grove PA | Merchant Profile

Taking familiar dishes and holding them to a higher standard, The Mess Hall hosts a wide array of satisfying dishes that raise the bar on quality and don’t cut corners by any means. The owner Mark has worked his way through the industry from the bottom up, developing the culinary expertise he now has to this day. Located inside the American Legion, Markís family carries a vast history to the establishment, with Mark taking on the reins at his culinary powerhouse. The cuisine takes on the Americana that people have come to know and love, putting a twist on it that makes it a must while in the area. Doing things that other restaurants are simply not doing. The Mess Hall Canteen & Cafe heightens their dishes to a new level, focusing on putting quality and consistency at the forefront. The bathtub burger is a unique option, crafted with angus beef and served in a pool of gooey cheese. The Mac & Cheese options also comes widely favored, offering options like the Philly, made with an Italian cheese blend, caramelized onion, chopped steak, and sauteed peppers, tossed with an Italian bread crumble. No matter the choice, visiting The Mess Hall has something for everyone, and is always seeking to adhere to their customers preference. The entire concept brings an elevated touch to a nostalgic cuisine. Pair that with the fantastic staff, and the cafe encompasses the best of the best, successfully finding its niche in Willow Grove. While in the area, stopping in not only ensures a quality experience, but also a memorable one.

2305 Computer Ave.
Willow Grove, PA 19090