The Old Wagon Saloon & Grill, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

The Old Wagon Saloon is an old western style restaurant with a modern a mix of an old and new feel. They started very unconventionally in 2008. The owner, originally from Utah, was visiting the San Jose area. While he was going to meet up with a friend for lunch, He stumbled upon an empty lot. After a tour, the owner decided to pack his bags and move to California to start this successful Saloon.The Saloon was recently ranked as the 7th best food in the area, and their atmosphere and signature barbecue has boosted their ranking in the area. They smoke their meats for 10 hours, which creates very tender briskets and ribs. The Saloon is also well known for their top notch buffalo and maple barbecue wings.The San Pedro Square, where The Old Wagon Saloon resides, is a very popular place for out-of-towners, with many different options for dining and entertainment. This place is the most popular in the area and is great for business trips or just a great night out.

73 N San Pedro St
San Jose, CA 95110