The Pantry Restaurant, Sterling Heights MI | Merchant Profile

Passed down from generation to generation, The Pantry Restaurant strives to stay family based and orientated with its serving of traditional breakfast items. The deli and restaurant were first opened by Joe Moceri in 1978. Ever since his passing, Joeís daughter Lisa Moceri alongside her brother Michael and sister Leslie now run the restaurant. Lisa was 17-years-old when she first started working at Pantry when it opened 37 years ago. Moceri sold the restaurant to his children and opened two other Pantry locations in Michigan before he passed away.The Pantry Restaurant primarily serves breakfast items including unique styled pancakes and oven baked omelettes. All ingredients in the dishes are completely fresh and the batter is all homemade. Their specially-made signature dishes include apple pancakes, german pancakes and home baked french toast. There are also daily specials including asparagus and cheese omelettes, banana nut pancakes, sweet potato pancakes and sausage.Moceri said that most of the customers are regulars, with the age range of customers being mostly senior citizens, middle age and high school students.Business at the restaurant has been very active and stable, with the Moceri family never having to rely on advertisement and social media. All of the staff including the cooks and waiters have been working at the restaurant for almost decades. ìItís a great place to come and have breakfast, we try to keep it very homey when you walk in,î Moceri said. ìOne thing that I do stress is that you come in here one time as a guest and then bring in your family after that.î

34220 Van Dyke Ave
Sterling Heights, MI 48312