The Pizza Shop Enola, Enola PA | Merchant Profile

Taking what would be expected from the norm and raising the bar, The Pizza Shop Enola has garnered widespread attention from locals and rightfully so, the dishes are well portioned, fresh, and crafted with quality and consistency. Jason Schaeffer and his team keep their intentions nothing short of genuine, making all of their dishes with fresh ingredients, separating themselves from the competition. The cuisine offers a down home experience with an elevated vibe. It is nostalgic of pizza shops all around the country but diving into the menu changes the game completely.The pizza comes to the forefront when considering what to try as a newcomer, but digging deeper into the menu, guests uncover the hidden gems that make The Pizza Shop Enola shine. The portions paired with the quality and affordability makes it an obvious choice for most people in the area. Having garnered the award for Best Neighborhood Pizza Shop by 2013 Patriot news, the food speaks for itself, and simply cannot be replicated. The subs are a huge seller, The Cheesesteak being one of the most popular options, as well as well as their extensive list of their popular Burgers. Veering away from similar restaurants, The Pizza Shop crafts their Burgers from fresh, never frozen patties, and the difference in flavor and presentation is obvious from the get go.The wings are also a popular item and are served Jumbo, giving a healthy sized portion, a normal occurrence for the menu items at the restaurant. Having been in the business since he was young, Jason learn the industry from top to bottom, starting off from the bottom rung and working his way up to learn everything possible. He took an interest in the food and his involvement with the cuisine is prevalent with each dish that comes out of the kitchen. With the wide range of pizza shops, it can be difficult to choose which one would be the appropriate when selecting the best. Look no further, the awards, quality, and food speak for itself at The Pizza Shop Enola, making it a must try while in the area.

299 W Shady Lane
Enola, PA 17025