The Pub 2900, Bensalem PA | Merchant Profile

John and his wife own The Pub 2900 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. They are both veterans to the restaurant business and have worked together for a long time. Theyíve moved around a lot and have owned restaurants in Greece, where John is from, and Alabama. They bought The Pub 2900 in 2014. It was originally called The Great American Diner and Pub, but the couple wanted to make it their own. They expanded the menu beyond diner food, adding a lot of great seafood dishes. They also remodeled a bit, because they wanted the place to feel familiar, but still be unique to them. The Pub 2900 is in an area surrounded by a lot of chain restaurants, so customers come in looking for a change. They often receive comments of customer satisfaction and locals love to spread the word in order to support the small business in the sea of corporate chains. The Pub 2900 is known for their amazing prime rib and their seafood dishes, but also have pub favorites like burgers. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so there are plenty of great options.The Pub 2900 is open 24 hours a day and has two happy hours, from 5-7 and from 10-midnight. During happy hour you can get drinks and half price appetizers. They have indoor and outdoor seating available. You can also reserve the space for parties and events. Besides having great food, The Pub 2900 is also a fun place to hang out and will sometimes have live music featuring talented local bands and artists.

2900 Street Rd
Bensalem, PA 19020