The Redhead Piano Bar, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

The Redhead Piano Bar opened on June 10, 1993 in downtown Chicago. Art Bryan originally got involved with the Redhead Piano Bar in 1993 when he volunteered to help the bar organize their books. In January of 1994, they asked Art to invest in the bar and by summer they requested for him to come in and run the Redhead Piano Bar. He agreed and began running the bar on August 1, 1994. By 1999 Art wanted to run the Redhead Piano Bar himself without any partners, so he was able to negotiate and eventually buy them out and the entire building. Once he took the bar into his own hands, Art was able to increase business by 50% for the next five years. Eventually Art bought the building next door as well. The Redhead Piano Bar is known to be a cigar lounge as well, so when Chicago enacted the smoking ban in 2008 people could no longer smoke in the bar. Instead, Art created a legal smoking area outside behind the next-door building. It has been expanded with time and now gives customers a space to bring their drinks and enjoy smoking a cigar.  The Redhead Piano Bar does not serve food, but has a wide variety of great drinks. The Redhead Piano Bar is considered a martini bar because that is their most popular drink. They have over forty different signature martinis to choose from and also experiment with new flavors often. The Redhead Piano Bar also prides themselves on their restaurant-quality wine list. They have one of the best wine selections in the city for a bar. Redhead Piano Bar also has a great selection of ports and vodkas. The Redhead Piano Bar has never charged cover and never will. They have a complimentary coat check that is required during the winter months for safety reasons and to decrease clutter. They also have a dress code, which is business casual. People go to the Redhead Piano Bar because they know what they want: no cover, reasonably priced drinks, good music, and good service. If youíre in Chicago and looking for a fun night out, be sure to check out the Redhead Piano Bar for a traditional Chicago experience you wonít forget!

16 W Ontario St
Chicago, IL 60654