The Socialight, Campbell CA | Merchant Profile

Steve Bonner has worked in insurance, investments, and real estate for the majority of his career, but that all changed in 2005 when he decided to build a boat in France and sail around the world. For three years Steve sailed, hitting country after country and experiencing new cultures and cuisines. On his travels he began wondering why restaurants never offered different worldly cuisines in one spot, so it gave him the idea to do it himself. Thatís how the Socialight was born.The Socialight serves five-star food in a casual atmosphere. The restaurant was designed to be warm and welcoming with a contemporary feel. Steve and his team designed and built the entire interior of the restaurant and they chose to use rustic, traditional materials. The bar is made out of a redwood tree that Steve harvested from his own land and he also made all the wooden tables and dÈcor. There is immense attention to detail everywhere you look giving customers a beautiful space to enjoy. The food on the menu is an eclectic array of different cuisines found around the world. From France to Australia and Spain to South Africa, you will find unique foods from far and in-between places most people have not visited before. The cuisine is designed to be sensibly organic, biodynamic, and fresh from the farm to the table. The Socialight also features a comfort foods section of the menu for those who arenít feeling as adventurous and crave something theyíre already familiar with. There is also a starters menu where customers can find lighter fare if their appetites are small. Everything at The Socialight is made with a degree of greatness nothing is average. From their top-notch food to their beautiful venue, Socialightís staff is no different. Steve believes in educating his staff on nutrition and food so they can have a better understanding and general knowledge about the industry. The staff at The Socialight is well versed in topics such as gluten-free, GMO, and how to pair the perfect wine or beer with certain cuisines. They are personable and professional and elevate customersí experiences at The Socialight tenfold.Along with their diverse and unique food menu, The Socialight also offers a divine selection of different drinks. They have sixteen different craft beers, both local and from all across the country that are arranged from light to darkest. They even have every different style of beer like ciders, ales, and lagers to name a few. The Socialight also features over 200 wines, thirty of which are available by the glass. Steve offers wines from all over the world at an incredible price point that keeps customers coming back. The Socialight has only been in business for about a year, and just four months after opening, it was awarded Best Restaurant in all of Campbell. Steve and his staff are experts in creating a unique and memorable dining experience. The food is authentic and brings incredible new flavors to your palette. At Socialight people, cultures, and cuisine is treasured. As Steve likes to say, ìWe have what you know, but we talk about what you donít.î Stop by Socialight soon for a dining experience youíll never forget!

368 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008