The Still Bar & Grill, Bartlett IL | Merchant Profile

Brett Gaylord exited the corporate world about eight years ago and took some time to decide what he wanted to do next. He met and became partners with Jim Leo, who also left corporate, at The Village Bar and Grill in Buffalo Grove. Brett lives in Bartlett, and in 2013 he noticed a building for sale nearby. Brett and Jim purchased and transformed it into The Still Bar and Grill. The restaurantís unique design is focused around the south and west (not southwest). The south because of its BBQ and moonshine and the west for its decor. The Still Bar and Grillís main dining area is very family oriented. The bar is strictly for the adults, because of the alcohol and gaming. Since a ìstillî is what makes moonshine, The Still Bar and Grill features the alcoholic beverage, offering different flavors and many refreshing moonshine drinks. The separate carry out section is very functional and is busy virtually all week. The Still Bar and Grill is known for their ribs, pulled pork and smoked brisket. Besides these popular items, The Still Bar and Grill is not just a BBQ joint – they have plenty of other items that make it a casual dining establishment. That includes a nice selection of salads and world-famous chicken fingers; made with their own batter and secret mustard sauce. Their BBQ sauces are all of their own concoctions which Jim and Brett may bottle someday. Customers also rave about the Wednesday and Friday Fish Fry. Chef Ernie has been a chef for over 20 years. Ernie has been a major influence in The Still Bar and Grill since its conception; he helped design and develop most of the menu. Customers often want to go back to the kitchen and send their gratitude to the chef. Ernie puts a lot of care into every plate and makes sure each one is prepared perfectly to offer consistency. The Still Bar and Grill is just two minutes from the train station in Downtown Bartlett, and a great place to unwind after a long day in the city. Brett and Jim take a lot of pride in The Still bar and Grillís excellent service level, cleanliness and delicious food.

326 South Main Street
Bartlett, IL 60103